Local Produce

Dave the Produce Guy and The Loveville Produce Auction


Two or three times a week between April and November Dave McKay, McKay’s Fresh Food and Produce buyer, drives a McKay’s semi-box truck to the Loveville Produce Auction to hand select and bid on Southern Maryland’s best locally grown produce.

Imagine being surrounded by hundreds of cases and pallets of the freshest local produce grown in Maryland.  Now picture yourself being swarmed by dozens of friendly Mennonite farmers who want nothing more than to show you why their produce is the best.

Dave and around a hundred buyers attend the auction each day.  Dave is often greeted by many of the farmers and many know that McKay’s is one of the largest purchasers at the Loveville Produce Auction.  Most farmers believe having their crops on McKay’s shelves is quite and honor since Dave only selects the highest quality produce.

Dave examines the product he’s looking for to ensure the items meet the highest standards of quality, freshness, grading and size of the produce that McKay’s and our customers want and expect every day.

When the auction opens in April, Dave will often buy local plants and hanging baskets.  As the summer moves on, pallets of squash, zucchini, tomatoes, green peppers and cucumbers are always a favorite.  Dave can also be found purchasing large quantities of cantaloupes and watermelons.

Dave selects McKay’s produce with you, our customer, in mind.  McKay’s Fresh Foods and Pharmacy wants you to have the best produce that Maryland has to offer while giving you, our customer, the opportunity to buy local and help support our local economy.

Stop into McKay’s and see what local produce and plants Dave has picked for you today.