Eat Right for Life


 Our Eat Right For Life Program has one goal in mind…educating our customers.  Whether you’re looking to make better food choices or you want to learn hot to read nutrition labels, Eat Right For Life is designed to help guide you down a healthier path.  It’s never too late to make positive changes and it’s never too late to Eat Right!



Eat Right for Life’s new shelf labels are on thousands of products and make choosing healthier foods easy, so you know exactly what the benefits are to what you are buying.  Use our shelf labels as part of your existing wellness routine to discover new products that have the health benefits you’re looking for.  Or, if you are just starting a healthier lifestyle, use our labels as a guide to point the way to a more wholesome, happier you!




The Healthy Living PlannerA one month planner with nutrition and exercise tips to help you achieve your healthy living goals. “The Facts on Fat”  “Functional Foods” 
 Click below to view the Healthy Living Planner  For years we’ve been told that to feel better, lower our cancer risk, lose weight and prevent heart disease, we should follow a low fat diet.  Unfortunately, this advice has led many folks to wrongly assume that all fats are bad…read more  As sustenance and nourishment, food fuels our bodies and keeps us moving throughout the day.  Some foods go a step further and actually protect our health and bodies by reducing the risk of certain diseases.  These are known as “functional foods”…read more